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What’s The Difference Between Valve And Damper Actuators?

In HVAC systems, two major components play several roles. The Valve and actuator dampers are essential components of the system, but with different functionalities. These two components are responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire system. The actuators are responsible for the control of dampers. Also, the damper actuators make use of low voltage signals in the heating system. There are many more differences between the valves and the actuators, and you will learn about them in this article.

The functions of the actuators in the damper

Among the role of the actuators is the placement of the dampers. The actuator is responsible for placing the damper between the open and closed-end of the system. You have an opportunity to make your entire HVAC system function effectively with good actuators. On the other hand, the valve is responsible for regulating the fluids, including the liquid and gasses.

The actuators ensure the proper functioning of the HVAC damper

The functions of the actuators are focused on the damper. For the damper to function properly, the actuator should be in good working condition. It is a critical component of the HVAC system. The damper will not be able to function effectively without the help of the actuator. That is one of the differences existing between the actuator damper and the valve.

The functions of the valves that made it different from HVAC

The valve has various functions in the HVAC system. It is responsible for pressure processing and flow regulation. So, you have an opportunity to benefit more from the HVAC system when the valve is in good working condition. Some of the functions of the valve you need to know include:

  • Starting and stopping the flow
  • Reducing and increasing a flow
  • Controlling 
  • and reducing the flow of fluid
  • Relieving a pipe system for some kind of pressure.

The characteristic of a valve that made it different from actuator damper

The flow of fluid through the valve is varied to alter the pressure. While the valve is responsible for the HVAC system performance, the actuator is responsible for the damper system. So, if you want the damper to function effectively, you should install an actuator. Also, if you want your HVAC system for effective functioning, you need a good valve.


Go on take advantage of the two most essential elements of the HVAC system, and you will be happy in the end. You will realize the best way to benefit more from your heating system when both actuator damper and valves.

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