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The Key Functions Of HVAC Control Valves

In the HVAC system, the control valves play several vital roles. The valves are responsible for regulating the fluid flow or pressure. The design of the valves makes them fit even the complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems. More so, these are the valves that respond to the signals coming from the devices. Some of these devices include Flowmeters or temperature gauges.

The unique design of the valves with simple tool orifices makes it easy to adjust. Also, the system comes with a complex collection of hydraulic valves. These valves are responsible for adjusting different system temperature and pressure.

There are some unique functions of the HVAC control valves, and some of them include:

Save water and money

Money and water conservation is the main reason for the control valves in HVAC. That is why the valves are used in the faucets to reduce expenses in water bills. The presence of the valve in the faucets makes it easy to conserve up to 85% of water.

Ecological Friendly

Maintenance of the world’s ecological standard has been difficult for most companies. That is why the control valve is used in the HVAC. The valves help to reduce the wasting of natural resources.

The control valves help to prevent clogging

Another vital function of the control valves in the HVAC is to enhance fluid flow. The valve is designed in such a way that fluid can flow without obstruction. The valves also prevent the deposit of small particles like dust that can result in clogging in the pipe.

Control valves reduce the working pressure of the system

When there is a free flow of fluid through a pipe, it can accumulate pressure in the hose. That is why the control valves are required to reduce the working pressure of the system. If you want to release pressure back to the hose, you have to turn off the control valves. Excess pressure on the hose can result in damage, which will cost more money to fix

The Control Valves Offer Performance and reliability

The functions of the control valves in the HVAC are many. The valves are used to increase the performance and reliability of any of the systems. These and more are the reasons the valves are needed in the good functioning of the system.


To ensure the reliability and performance of the control valves in the HVAC, it must be installed the right way. You must follow the right installation method to get the result you need from the valves.

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