Why The Air Return Is So Important For Proper HVAC System

The most obvious use of the air return vent is bringing back air to the HVAC system. It is a necessary component for balancing air flow in the system and ensuring that there is enough air to repeat the process of reconditioning and filtering. The HVAC system works by heating or cooling air (depending on the temperature) and pumping it back into the home. Return air vents serve this purpose by pulling in the air and pushing it back into the system. Return vents also have filters that prevent harmful particles, allergens and debris from infiltrating the air in your home. Sometimes more than one return vents may be needed if your HVAC system can’t keep up with your desired temperature.

The need for HVAC system in the house

Just as you breathe in and out as a person, your home or workplace also have this exchange of airflow. Air conditioners work by absorbing warm air and moisture from your home, cools it and then sends it back into your home through the return air vents.  Return air vents have their benefits mainly:

  • Saves energy cost
  • Maintaining air quality
  • Maintaining air flow

How to maintain the HVAC for proper functionality

Without air return vents, the HVAC system collapses. Damaged or blocked vents can obstruct proper airflow and cause inefficiency in the system. However, having proper air return vents can improve airflow and save money spent on energy bills. These vents should be properly cleaned, sealed and connected to prevent harmful particles from contaminating the airflow. These particles are capable of causing medical issues such as respiratory illnesses and allergies.

Also, return air vents are very easy to maintain. The reason is because the only problem it has is the collection of dust overtime. The filter which collects the dust can be easily cleaned with a wet rag on a daily basis. Neglecting the dust can lead to moisture growth on the return vent.

The truth about the HVAS system you should know

Although it’s not advisable to clean parts of your HVAC system, you can always clean your return vents. It’s also a good idea to change the filter as it gets dirty and blocked over time. If there are any damages to your HVAC system or return vent, you should hire a professional technician to fix the problem. You should never block your return vents with furniture or other objects. Doing so can hinder the airflow of your home and it will put a great deal of stress on your AC unit. Ultimately, this will lead to serious damages that cost money to fix.

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